About Me

Hello, I’m Fotini Komninou and thank you for reading my blog!

I am a non-native Teacher of English teaching in Greece. After my graduation from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in 2006, I have been working as a foreign language teacher with children, young students or adults. I have also worked in several public and private primary schools teaching English to pupils of all 6 grades. I am interested in developing myself as an educator so I have completed a Med TESOL degree and attended a great number of training courses, workshops and seminars.

I like implementing new technologies and web based tools in my teaching because I like watching my students getting excited and more involved in their learning process. So, this blog is about my interests regarding foreign language teaching, teacher development and EFL news.

Besides teaching, I am interested in Erasmus+ projects funded by EU. I am a volunteer staff and youth worker in a local non-profit organisation based in Thessaloniki and involved in educational and youth projects across Europe.

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